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Headquarters: Rua São Bento, n. 365 - 7º. Floor - Room 70/73 - Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil

Phone: + 55 11 3105-8017 - Email: comercial@atiehorizonte.com.br

We organize and execute your Import or Export process in its totality, from start to end, with innovative solutions and strategies for the most varied profiles, carefully analyzing each process in order to reduce costs and deadlines, guiding it under the current laws with efficiency and speed on its conclusion.

We have vast experience in Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding, especially with the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service, with whom we've been working for 50 years.

Our services include International-National Freight, planning, storage and all logistics (sea, air, rail, road), as well as the customs clearance in all its steps, the accreditation at Brazilian Internal Revenue Service and complete support-feedback.

Our services:

- International / national freight forwarding
- Import / Export
- Customs clearance
- RADAR System (Brasilian Federal Revenue Registration System)
- Required accreditation
- Tracking and real feedback.
- Complete Technical Advice and Consultancy.
- Tax classification.
- Drawback, modalities of suspension and tax exemption.
- Importation of used machinery and equipment.
- International Transport Insurance.
- Assistance and guidance about terminals, transport, deadlines, etc.


Global logistics and customs clearance


Planning, storage, routes research, tracking


Feedback, Radar, Siscoserv, Drawback, Senior support