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Headquarters: Rua São Bento, n. 365 - 7º. Floor - Room 70/73 - Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil

Phone: + 55 11 3105-8017 - Email: comercial@atiehorizonte.com.br

ATIE Horizonte is truly committed to providing Import-Export Clearance services and International Freight Forwarding services with efficiency and continuous improvement, based on the expansion of our technical-legal knowledge and the strict compliance with the legislation and the commitments with our clients.

ISO 9001:2015 

In 2019, ATIE Horizonte was audited in its Quality Management System and obtained the recommendation and certification according to ISO 9001: 2015 for our excellence services. Such certification guarantees the total quality in the rendering of customs services in importation, exportation and agency of international cargoes.

About ISO

ISO 9001 ensures that companies operations are carried out transparently, following the laws and that all its sectors follow a qualified standard of work. For customers, it is very advantageous to be with certified companies that carry out their processes safely.